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bb q10 bbm internet kotası ve kapatamama sorunu
17.04.2015, 15:37
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Cvp: bb q10 bbm internet kotası ve kapatamama sorunu
Profesyonel İngilizcesi olan bir arkadaş tam olarak aktarabilir mi?

Thank you for contacting the BBM Customer Support team.

We have received the information from analyst regarding the consumption of data from BBM usage. BBM will consume data even if you are not using it, as long as you are signed in and has at least 1 contact, data is going to be used. BBM will do periodic check ins with the BlackBerry ID Services.

Any activities such as contacts are changing BBM Display Pictures or Avatars, that information will be relayed to the device, or if statuses are changed, the device gets the information. If a group is created and the user is added and messages are being sent. As well there is the BBM shop where updates could be happening. There are ad's in BBM that continuously update. BBM is a headless application that is always running, even though it may not be open.

Thus, we would like to confirm with you if you have ever set up BBM application on the device that causes the application to continuously running.

If you still need help, please reply to this email within the next two (2) days. Please include your ticket number, INC000028013989, in the subject line for reference.

Thank you for choosing BBM.
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Cvp: bb q10 bbm internet kotası ve kapatamama sorunu - solanahtari - 17.04.2015 15:37

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